About Us

Why choose WSC Residential Services?

WSC is a non-profit organization with 40+ years of experience helping individuals optimize their potential and overcome barriers. In order to be successful in this mission, we strive to build partnerships within the community to provide a wide network of support for those we serve. Any proceeds from any of our programs are reinvested in programs to serve others in need.

Our residential program is designed to provide a treatment plan that is as unique as the individual served. We emphasize participation in vocational activities as a vital component to recovery after a life changing accident. Because of our long history of involvement in the community, our clients are able to enjoy the benefits of our partnerships with local business and service providers.

What sets us apart?

WSC Residential Services was established to provide individuals who have sustained brain or spinal cord injuries an alternative approach to rehabilitation. As a non-profit organization with 40+ years experience in helping individuals overcome barriers, we believe that the best outcomes are achieved through community partnerships and a wide network of providers to choose from, rather than the one provider/one perspective approach. We are flexible with being able to utilize the best of the best and not being entrenched in a narrow network of providers. This approach allows us to provide the very best residential and vocational services in a cost effective package.

What does the program offer?

Our program includes behavioral support, nursing, vocational rehabilitation & support services, transportation and recreational activities. We utilize our community partnerships to provide specialized services such as, Neuropsychology, Occupational, Speech and Physical Therapy. By encouraging the involvement of trusted partners, we know that there is always a fresh perspective on the individual’s progress and accountability in the treatment being provided. We also understand that you may have a trusted treatment provider, and we will do our best to maintain that relationship and welcome them to the team.

How are outcomes achieved?

Our commonsense approach to reintegration emphasizes vocational rehabilitation, community involvement, daily living skills, safety awareness and recreational activities. Our approach focuses on moving individuals beyond the rehabilitation setting. Each individual has areas of strength and challenges, because of this we evaluate the full range of life skills domains and provide timely, objective and understandable reports on progress. This helps us celebrate and build on success while focusing efforts on areas where more work needs to be done.