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How can my friends and family stay involved?

Individuals are encouraged to identify friends and family they may want to invite to team meetings. If the person cannot attend in person, we offer a variety of options, including teleconferences, web conferences or video calling options. Written reports can also be shared at your request.

Can my friends and family visit me?

Having a network of social support is vital for successful rehabilitation and we generally encourage friends and family to visit and participate in your treatment. In addition, you may choose to have friends or family participate in your Team Meetings to hear about your progress and learn more about how to support your recovery.

Can I go home on weekends?

Therapeutic Leaves of Absence are general part of the rehabilitation program at WSC and are determined by you, your family and treatment team.

Do you allow pets?

Small caged pets may be approved by your treatment team.

Can I bring a cell phone?

Whether or not you can bring a cell phone is determined by your treatment team. You will be informed of whether or not it has been approved prior to admission.

Can I bring personal items with me when I come?

Although all furniture and bedding/linens are provided, we understand wanting to personalize your living space. Residents may bring any personal items they choose but we request that any plans to bring furniture be reviewed with the Administrator prior to moving. A TV is provided but you may bring other electronics or your own TV if you choose.

What training do Caregivers receive?

All Caregivers receive Recipient Rights Training, Medication Administration, CPR and First Aid, Person Centered Planning, Cultural Competency, Grievance and Appeals process, Health and Safety, Introduction to Brain Injury and Crisis Prevention Interventions. Caregivers are encouraged to participate in continuing education opportunities offered by the Brain Injury Association. In addition, all Caregivers are supervised by a behavioral psychologist and receive instruction on the treatment plan designed for each client.

How are Caregivers selected?

We do extensive pre-employment screening that includes at least two interviews, a thorough criminal background check, verification of all credentials as well as previous employment, complete reference checks, drug screening and motor vehicle record check.

How quickly can admission occur?

Admission times vary individually depending on the situation. In emergency situations admissions can occur within 24 hours.